Culture & Engagement

Alan Kinkade shakes hands with Epworth employee Rochelle Gannon

Alan Kinkade shakes hands with Epworth employee Rochelle Gannon

A strong vision for the future: Epworth continuously strives for excellence in patient healthcare, workplace culture and staff engagement

Measuring our culture of success

We conduct staff engagement surveys every two years. In November 2015, all Epworth staff were invited to have their say in the Best Practice Australia (BPA) staff engagement survey. The survey achieved a 76% response rate. Results show a 59% total level of positive engagement. This identifies Epworth as transitioning from a ‘culture of ambition’ to an ideal ‘culture of success’.
The Blame to Success Model of Organisational Culture is a proprietary model owned by, and copyrighted to, Best Practice Australia Pty Ltd.

  • “Opportunities for career development and the reputation of the hospital within the community.”—Epworth staff member
“There is a good sense of community and friendship on my ward. The work and education opportunities here are very good.”—Epworth staff member

A truly great place to work

In our 2015 staff engagement survey, 73% of our staff believe on balance Epworth is a truly great place to work. 75% of our staff would recommend Epworth to their family and friends as the best choice if they required the healthcare service that we provide. Feedback from the survey identified that staff continue to work at Epworth because of job enjoyment, the people they work with and teamwork.

  • “Patients have told me this is the best hospital to be in and I have and will always bring my family here.”—Epworth staff member
  • “I continue to work here because I have great respect for and care about my colleagues.”—Epworth staff member
“I enjoy the work, I like my colleagues and I get great support and opportunities to improve. I'm proud to say I work at Epworth.”—Epworth staff member

Epworth’s strong financial and operational performance

Alan Kinkade was appointed in December 2006 as the new Epworth Group CEO with a brief to turnaround Epworth’s financial and operational performance.

As Group CEO, Alan believed the longer term brief would involve cultural transformation if Epworth was to survive and prosper in the changing, competitive and challenging health care environment. Alan and his Executive Team developed and implemented key strategies that successfully turned around the business and significantly improved the operational performance of Epworth.

Key investments drives Epworth success

With this improved performance, key investments were made in human resources, organisational development, quality and teaching and research to drive Epworth’s future success. The Executive Team developed a vision for the future and adopted the adage of “what gets measured gets done”.

“Epworth is definitely a great place to work as it highly customer oriented, introduces and uses the most advanced technology and best practices, promotes researches and its application, provides better opportunities for continuing education and career development.”—Epworth staff member

Staff engagement propels highest patient satisfaction data in history

Key data now proves Alan Kinkade and his executive team developed and implemented key strategies that have successfully and significantly improved the operational performance of Epworth.

As part of this journey, Epworth HealthCare commissioned Best Practice Australia (BPA) in In February 2009 to conduct a whole of organisation Staff Engagement Survey. Results from staff surveys from 2009 to 2015 show a continual growth of positive outcomes.

In addition, recently Epworth achieved the highest mean score in the history for patient satisfaction. Patent experience satisfaction data has soared from 2011 through 2016, evidence of Epworth staff working tirelessly to develop and embed the principles and practices of Epworth Excellence.

  • “A focus on achieving excellence, company growth, career opportunities.”—Epworth staff member
“Truly great HealthCare, great place to work.”—Epworth staff member