Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program

Our Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program offers an intense but rewarding opportunity to experience the acute care setting unmatched by any other organisation.

In 2018 the Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program is available at:

  • Epworth Eastern
  • Epworth Freemasons
  • Epworth Geelong
  • Epworth Rehabilitation (Epworth Brighton, Epworth Camberwell, Epworth Hawthorn and Epworth Richmond)
  • Epworth Richmond (Enrolled Nurse Transition Program, contact Annette Mann).

Choose and apply to the division that best meets your clinical and situational needs.

Our 12 month program is flexible and tailored for you with two rotations.

Educational support

The enrolled nurse programs begin with extensive orientation. This is designed to prepare you for clinical work and introduce you to nursing at Epworth. The program includes a structured theoretical component, consisting of five professional development days throughout the year. These are focused on professional issues as well as providing ongoing education to expand your scope of practice. It is our expectation that successful applicants will actively seek out learning opportunities.

Work hours

Graduates are employed on a part-time basis (min four days per week). We encourage flexibility in rostering and it is expected you will work day, evening, weekends and some night duty shifts.

Professional development

The program provides ample opportunities for graduates to undertake study towards further qualifications. On successful completion of the program, opportunities for ongoing permanent employment at Epworth are also available.

Locations and intake

This program operates at these locations listed above. Epworth has several annual intakes for the Enrolled Nurse Program. Intakes happen in February, March, July and August for different divisions. Interviews with prospective applicants are held during recruitment periods for each individual site.

Applications and further information

Applications for the Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program can be submitted via our careers website during recruitment (intake) periods and can be found at our vacancies page.

Letters of application and documents should be addressed to the relevant coordinator and individuals.

Epworth Eastern

Andrea Kattula
Phone: 03 8807 7594

Epworth Freemasons

Epworth Freemason’s Education Department
Phone: 03 9483 3324

Epworth Richmond

Annette Mann
Phone: 03 9426 8759

Epworth Rehabilitation

Kim Miles
Phone: 03 9415 5754

Epworth Geelong

Lisa Smith
Phone: 03 5271 7921

Frequently asked questions

View our Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program FAQs