How We Are Different

With an uncompromising dedication to patient care and world-class learning and development initiatives, Epworth is truly a great place to work.


Epworth’s leading-edge technology and investment in research leads the private health sector.

Dynamic work culture

Our fundamental commitment at Epworth is to deliver excellent patient-centred care with compassion and dignity. Our commitment to all Epworth staff is to deliver the most dynamic health care culture in Victoria. A team oriented, collegial environment that nurtures our high calibre employees ensures that the best care is delivered to everyone at Epworth.


Working with the best makes you better. Epworth’s cutting-edge, fast paced environment with a keen focus on learning and development is for those with the ambition to get better, give the best possible care and lead their field.

What we offer

At Epworth, we care. We care about our patients, and we care about our people. We care about career development and progression. About attracting the highest calibre professionals. About nurturing potential. We care about innovating; staying ahead of the field. And we care about giving all our people the support they need to thrive in our growing, fast-paced and ever-changing organisation.