Reward & Recognition

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In a hospital it is often the little things that make such a big difference. Helping patients and going above and beyond for others is part of every health workers’ DNA, but Epworth has developed a unique culture of formal reward and recognition that acknowledges and elevates the amazing effort of our staff.

At Epworth we have seen the behaviour of our staff help patients overcome issues time and time again. It might be about going the extra mile for a patient, helping a fellow staff member or demonstrating genuine care during a time of duress. We know all of this can simply be a reward in itself and we know every hospital offers some level of recognition to its staff. But reward and recognition is always valued differently in different organisations. Epworth strives to acknowledge the effort of our staff with a focus we feel is unmatched in the medical community.

We always want to know what’s working well, what isn’t and if staff have all the resources they need. This is the bare minimum. But to fully appreciate your staff, you need to do more than just listen.